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  • Design and development of optical, laser & infrared systems
  • Scientific studies of the effects of maritime and littoral environments on E-O systems
  • Development of accurate E-O measurement techniques

  • Experts in infrared & laser countermeasures
  • Extensive expertise in radio frequency countermeasures for military surface and air applications
Missile Systems

  • Development and improvement of optical systems.
  • Performance evaluation
Image Processing

  • Development and improvement of visible and infrared image processing techniques.
  • Development of multi-spectral image fusion trechniques
Night Vision Optical Systems

  • Design & development of multi-spectral digital night vision goggles
Directed Energy

  • Extensive experience in high energy lasers and high power microwave systems
Modeling & Simulation

  • Scientific infrared, laser and radio frequency modeling & simulation studies for countermeasure, surveilance and directed energy applications
Rapid Prototype Development

  • Team member of a local consortium for the rapid development of military equipment and systems including electrical, electronic, mechanical, optical and software integration

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